Kootenay Lake Ferry Advisory Committee

 We are pushing to get this committee functional again, as it was disrupted due to COVID-19. In the contract between WPM and the MOTI, there are supposed to be Advisory Committee meetings. They should include WPM, MOTI, and community representatives (businesses and individuals) from both sides of the lake. This is where ideas would be discussed, future studies that are supported by facts would be considered, information would be shared and gathered, and the planning to ensure the long-term service of our ferry is secure. Things like earlier/later addition of the second ferry (date and hours), landing and terminal planning, training for the current staff, recruitment, Union contract (up for negotiation in April 2024), etc. This committee should lead the future of our Kootenay Lake ferry service.

Megan Rokeby-Thomas – Ladybug Coffee


Dee Gilbertson – Mainstreet Newspaper


Daryl Shuel – Long-time community member and 18-year commuter