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We need volunteers to talk to businesses, to maintain our Facebook page, to verify information, and to write and send mail broadcasts. If you have time please contact us. 



 It takes funds to host our site and to create and maintain mailing lists. The site work has been donated but we need funds to continue. If you are interested in donating please contact us.  


Write Letters

We need to keep pressure on our government. You can write your MLA directly, drop your letters off at the locations below, or fill in this form and we will present them for you.

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Tell your friends about this page, share us on social media. We need to engage as many voices as possible.

Please keep the discussion positive and respectful. 

You can also drop letters and comments off at LadyBugs (at the Kootenay Lake ferry landing) or comment on their whiteboard. 

Other drop-off locations will be announced as we identify them.

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