What Can You Do to Make Additional Sailings a Reality?

Dee Gilbertson will collate all of our letters to present to our MLA in September.

Please write a letter explaining what extended ferry hours would mean for you.

You can drop it at LadyBugs' or send it to:

Dee Gilbertson – Mainstreet Newspaper


No time for a letter? No problem!

We made it easy! Just fill out the form letter below.

Include as many details as possible in the comments to serve as your letter.

What Extended Ferry Hours Would Mean For Me

Please fill out the form below. We will print it and submit it with our proposal to the BC government in early September

Why would you like extended ferry service?*
This information will be shared with the appropriate government agencies and may be shared publicly.

Download the Petition and Get Signatures

(Drop completed petitions off at Lady Bugs in Kootenay Bay NO LATER THAN September 7th, 2023.)

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